About Keeper of the Green

A Grass Roots Movement

Fly fishing along the Missouri River near Wolf Creek, an hour north of Helena, Montana, gives one a unique perspective on the world. It’s such a peaceful, tranquil place. The river flows by, each strand of seaweed swaying rhythmically in the current just under the surface. Jagged, ancient limestone cliffs tower all around, projecting a golden light across every surface. Eagles soar overhead, watching over the water and grassy banks below.

This is where the spirit of Keeper of the Green was born.

We unite the healing peace of nature with the everyday human, internalizing the tranquility of this mystical place. Through the power of the natural medicine given to us by this earth, we can take away pain, anxiety, and illness and replace it with a calming connection to the universe, where we each have a rightful place alongside the river, trees, and stars.