New Products and Specials from Keeper of the Green

New Products and Specials
from Keeper of the Green

Try out our new tinctures and hash oils, plus get lower prices on select edibles and flower specials!

There’s lots of new additions and lower prices on the
Keeper of the Green menu!

Brand New Tinctures

Our tinctures are best enjoyed in a glass of your favorite juice. Tinctures offer highly accurate dosing and a delicious alternative to smoking flower.

Alien OG (Sativa) – Available now!
9.46mg THC per ml
$40 per 30ml

American Pie (Sativa) – Coming soon!
19.03mg THC per ml
1oz Bottle – $80
½oz Bottle – $40

Plus, we’ve lowered the price on our CBD Hash Plant (Indica) Tincture – now just $30 per 30ml bottle. Great for nighttime relaxation!

“Green Tears” – Hash Oils

Our house-made hash oils, also called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO, are highly concentrated THC. We offer one edible hash oil, Moby Dick (Sativa) RSO. It contains 544mg of edible THC per gram ($55/gram).

Our other hash oil is both edible and smokeable. Alien OG (Sativa) RSO contains 36.5% THC + 28.3% THCa ($55/gram).

Ask one of our friendly budtenders for more information on ways consume our hash oils with proper dosing.

Lower Prices on our Most Popular Cookies

Everyone loves a delicious cookie, and we’ve just lowered the price on our two most popular edibles!

Anne’s Chocolate Chip Cookies    
Sour Tangie (Sativa) – 47mg THC
$10 each $7 each

Anne’s Gluten Free Snickerdoodles   
Keeper OG (Indica) – 49mg THC
$10 each $7 each

Huge Savings with our Flower Specials

We’ve added three new strains to our flower specials and lowered prices even more. Stock up and save!

Passion Fruit (Sativa) – $200 per oz (Save $50)
Rugburn (Hybrid) – $200 per oz (Save $50)
Kryptonite 2.0 (Hybrid) – $150 per oz (Save $100)
LA Cheese (Indica) – $150 per oz (Save $100) 

Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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