A New Blueberry Strain

The search is still on for a solid Blueberry pheno from DJ Short. We are hoping for a strong indica to add to our menu that provides an effect that will put you down to rest and relax. Number 6 of 10 is showing some promise. This one’s in the cure room awaiting testing and we hope to have it for sale in early June 2019. She’s pretty and finished with outstanding color tones. She packs a powerful aroma that reminds me of SweeTarts and personally I’m counting the days to taste this beauty. This one is coated with trichomes that add a glossy look to those blue, purple and red color tones. The Keeper is predicting something in the low to mid 20’s on THCa levels.  Watch for it and grab some quick if your into an indica effect – this one will not last long.

– Keeper of the Green