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A Horticultural Mind-Blower

Here’s a mind-blowing horticultural story: Most growers would have tossed this plant out on the compost pile, but my curiosity won me over. Rumor has it, a 22% CBD Nightingale strain with ultra low THC (1%) was pollinated with a Lion Heart clone called “The Grunk” (a 22% THC, no CBD Sativa). It’s something I’ve […]

Coming Soon: CBD Hash Plant

This upcoming strain is a medical marvel: CBD Hash Plant. This indica-dominant bud sparkles with trichomes and offers a 1:1 THCa to CBDa ratio, effectively reducing pain and inflammation. This strain will be available in flower, edibles, and tincture. CBD Hash Plant is powerful medicine for treatment of arthritis, cancer, Fibromyalgia, inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasm, […]

A New Blueberry Strain

The search is still on for a solid Blueberry pheno from DJ Short. We are hoping for a strong indica to add to our menu that provides an effect that will put you down to rest and relax. Number 6 of 10 is showing some promise. This one’s in the cure room awaiting testing and […]