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  • March Strain of the Month: Rugburn

    Plus new fudge, cookies, and more!

    Our Strain of the Month for March 2021 is Rugburn OG! This powerhouse of a hybrid makes a great daily driver, combining a nice head rush with relaxing body effects. Rugburn’s dominant terpene, Limonene, gives it a fantastic citrus smell and flavor. For a limited time, Rugburn OG is only $200/oz at Keeper of the Green!

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    New Products from Keeper of the Green

    Keeper OG Chocolate Fudge
    Over the holidays, the crew at Keeper of the Green developed a serious infatuation with fudge. So we dialed in our recipe and infused it with relaxing Keeper OG. Get some before we eat it all!
    Keeper OG (Indica) // Two pieces for $10 // 16mg THC per piece

    Old Skool Chocolate Chip Cookies
    One of our strongest edibles yet! The minty terpenes of Old Skool combined perfectly with our chocolate chip cookies, and the result was a delish 60mg THC treat.
    Old Skool (Hybrid) // $10 each // 60mg THC

    Coconut Oil Capsules
    Two new strains in our convenient coconut oil capsules.
    Sour Tangie (Sativa) // Ten for $10 // 4mg THC per capsule
    Keeper OG (Indica) // Ten for $10 // 2mg THC per capsule

    Lip Balm
    Try our infused lip balm – two new strains now available.
    Sour Tangie (Sativa) // 6ml for $10 // 33mg THC
    Keeper OG (Indica) // 6ml for $10 // 14mg THC

    Massage Oil
    Our relaxing massage oil is now available with Keeper OG!
    Keeper OG (Indica) // 3oz for $50 // 68mg THC

    Sour Tangie Caramels

    Direct from Brett’s Candy Factory, our new caramels are pure sweet and buttery goodness. Currently being tested – we’ll make an announcement when these are available asap!
    Sour Tangie (Sativa) // TBA

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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  • February Strain of the Month: Vanilla Fire

    And check out our new packaging and flower display in the dispensary!

    Our Strain of the Month for February 2021 is Vanilla Fire! The weather outside is frosty and so are these nugs! Vanilla Fire is perfect for chilling out, watching a movie or reading a book by the fire. With weather this cold, where else would you want to be?
    Warm up with a nice Vanilla Fire… Order Online now!

    New Packaging and Flower Display at Keeper of the Green

    We are thrilled to debut our new packaging and bud display case at the dispensary! Come and check out our fresh new look – open 9am to 11pm every day.

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery. Ready to order? Head over to our online menu!

  • December 2020 Strain of the Month

    December 2020
    Strain of the Month:
    Old Skool

    Plus, The Return of Jack Herer, White Widow & Candyland!

    Our Strain of the Month for December 2020 is Old Skool! Also popularly known as Girl Scout Cookies, this classic Hybrid relieves pain with a relaxing body buzz. A family-favorite of Keeper of the Green!

    Old Skool - Hybrid Strain by Keeper of the Green

    Ring the bell – it’s time for Old Skool!

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    Popular Strains Back in Stock!

    The wait is over – our latest harvests of Jack Herer, White Widow, and Candyland are now in stock and ready for you. Don’t delay – place your order today! 🙂

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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  • November Strain of the Month: Keeper OG

    November Strain of the Month:
    Keeper OG

    Plus more news:
    Sour Tangie is Back Stronger than Ever!
    NEW Keeper CBD Infused Coconut Oil Available

    Our Strain of the Month for November 2020 is KEEPER OG! Our flagship Indica flower relieves pain and anxiety with a dose of relaxation and happy thoughts. It’s a tasty toker and also available in our delicious homemade Snickerdoodle cookies.

    Keeper OG

    Keeper OG is now in stock and waiting for you!

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    Sour Tangie is Back!

    Our latest harvest of Sour Tangie came back from testing at an incredible 32.56% THCa – an increase of almost 2%. We could feel the difference when we tried it out for ourselves. Come in and stock up today!

    New Keeper CBD Infused Coconut Oil Now Available

    Relieve pain and soreness with our new Keeper CDB Infused Coconut Massage Oil. Our topical oils are great for treating skin ailments, sore muscles, and lots more.

    Keeper CBD (Indica) Infused Coconut Massage Oil
    66mg/oz THC + 105mg/oz CBD
    $60 per 3oz

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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  • Introducing our Strain of the Month & new Tincture!

    October Strain of the Month:
    Keeper Diesel

    Keeper of the Green is excited to introduce our Strain of the Month! Our first choice is Keeper Diesel – a strong and tasty Sativa. Our latest batch of Keeper Diesel just arrived back from testing at a solid 25.3% Total Cannabinoids, and delivers a long-lasting dose of positive vibes.

    Keeper Diesel

    Keeper Diesel is now in stock and waiting for you!

    Order Online now!

    American Pie Tincture Now Available

    Our new American Pie Tincture is one of our strongest yet. Enjoy with a glass of your favorite juice for an uplifting treat!

    American Pie (Sativa)
    19.03mg THC per ml
    1oz Bottle – $80
    ½oz Bottle – $40

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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  • New Products and Specials from Keeper of the Green

    New Products and Specials
    from Keeper of the Green

    Try out our new tinctures and hash oils, plus get lower prices on select edibles and flower specials!

    There’s lots of new additions and lower prices on the
    Keeper of the Green menu!

    Brand New Tinctures

    Our tinctures are best enjoyed in a glass of your favorite juice. Tinctures offer highly accurate dosing and a delicious alternative to smoking flower.

    Alien OG (Sativa) – Available now!
    9.46mg THC per ml
    $40 per 30ml

    American Pie (Sativa) – Coming soon!
    19.03mg THC per ml
    1oz Bottle – $80
    ½oz Bottle – $40

    Plus, we’ve lowered the price on our CBD Hash Plant (Indica) Tincture – now just $30 per 30ml bottle. Great for nighttime relaxation!

    “Green Tears” – Hash Oils

    Our house-made hash oils, also called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO, are highly concentrated THC. We offer one edible hash oil, Moby Dick (Sativa) RSO. It contains 544mg of edible THC per gram ($55/gram).

    Our other hash oil is both edible and smokeable. Alien OG (Sativa) RSO contains 36.5% THC + 28.3% THCa ($55/gram).

    Ask one of our friendly budtenders for more information on ways consume our hash oils with proper dosing.

    Lower Prices on our Most Popular Cookies

    Everyone loves a delicious cookie, and we’ve just lowered the price on our two most popular edibles!

    Anne’s Chocolate Chip Cookies    
    Sour Tangie (Sativa) – 47mg THC
    $10 each $7 each

    Anne’s Gluten Free Snickerdoodles   
    Keeper OG (Indica) – 49mg THC
    $10 each $7 each

    Huge Savings with our Flower Specials

    We’ve added three new strains to our flower specials and lowered prices even more. Stock up and save!

    Passion Fruit (Sativa) – $200 per oz (Save $50)
    Rugburn (Hybrid) – $200 per oz (Save $50)
    Kryptonite 2.0 (Hybrid) – $150 per oz (Save $100)
    LA Cheese (Indica) – $150 per oz (Save $100) 

    Keeper of the Green is open 7 days a week, offering convenient online ordering with curbside pickup or delivery.
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  • Three New Strains Off to a Solid Start

    An update on our upcoming new strains: six out of six new seeds are off to a solid start. Within 48 hours, all germinated. The photo above shows our seed starting and clone area basking in LED lights.

    The three new strains:
    Jack Herer – a classic hybrid, 60% Sativa dominant 
    White Widow – a classic, fast-flowering 80% Indica
    UK Cheese x Cheese reversed – 100% Indica 

    Our projected for sale date is in 27 weeks, around August 23rd, 2020.

  • A Horticultural Mind-Blower
    Our new Awaken strain in development

    Here’s a mind-blowing horticultural story: Most growers would have tossed this plant out on the compost pile, but my curiosity won me over. Rumor has it, a 22% CBD Nightingale strain with ultra low THC (1%) was pollinated with a Lion Heart clone called “The Grunk” (a 22% THC, no CBD Sativa).

    It’s something I’ve yet to experience in the cannabis world, but a Sativa CBD effect would be a perfect daytime option for those with specific medicinal requirements. Considering the above numbers, I’m expecting this plant to produce a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD and aiming for a daytime alert effect.   

    This creature’s growth habit was very fast and stringy. It required continual topping off in veg. Pre-flowers covered this plant and day one of flower, it started going crazy. 42 days into flowering, it was done – greasy, sticky-icky, amber trichomes, 20 days sooner than expected.   

    Currently, we have a cutting going through again to double check consistency and for further evaluation on stability.   

    It’s so different and nothing like our other strains, so it has a unique place in my garden. Moreover, it is teaching me so many new things about the possibilities of cannabis. 

    A strain like this has no name and may be all alone in this life. This phenotype exists happily in our garden and could be one of a kind. For now, we refer to it as “Awaken”, as it aims for that daytime CBD effect, perfect for all those in need.

    This one’s for you, Sunna! Thanks for being patient while we watch the magic happen. Harvesting soon, with testing results two weeks out.

  • Coming Soon: Pure Indica “Cheese”

    Another surprise is in the works at Keeper of the Green: In an effort to strengthen our Indica selection, we started a few new babies. The strain is Cheese x Cheese reversed, which is touted as a 100% pure Indica! Time will tell if this specimen works its way to the flower room. One out of two germinated plants survived and it has been teasing me with its abilities.   

    Call it an anomaly? I prefer to think magical, a special gift from the Cannabis Gods. It just took off, showing good upright branching, properly spaced internodes, and at 10” it naturally split into two marvelous side branches, with each showing wonderful growth habits. Manipulating growth by topping and pruning is a common practice in cannabis horticulture, but to see it happen naturally all on its own is a rare treat. I continue to be entertained daily by its presence in the garden and can’t wait to see if any future offspring exhibit similar tendencies. That truly would be magical.

    My goal for this wonderful “Cheese” is to provide patients with a 100% Indica strain that has heavy relaxation and deep pain relieving properties.   

    ETA on this strain is 10 weeks, so stay tuned for an official announcement when it is ready to go.

  • Horticulture: A Constant Pursuit of Improvement

    You’ve heard the term “horticulture”, but what does it actually mean? Horticulture is the art or practice of garden cultivation and management. Here at Keeper of the Green, we pride ourselves on our horticultural skills and always strive to improve in all facets of how we grow and care for our plants. These efforts are reflected in the very high quality cannabis that we produce.

    We are excited to announce that small changes in our plants’ diets are paying off. We are expecting all strains across the board to climb to the next level in quality and potency. These are differences you will taste, feel, and experience in greater medicinal effects.

    Pictured below are our current crops of Keeper OG, Blueberry, and some of our new baby plants.

    Keeper OG
    Baby Cannabis Plants
  • Keeper of the Green Specials

    Keeper of the Green now offers weekly specials and product discounts!
    Our current specials:

    Reefer Madness Mondays
    FREE Marijuana Cigarette (Joint) with any purchase!

    Tincture Tuesdays
    FREE Tincture Shot with any purchase!

    Kryptonite Flower Sale
    Save $50 per ounce every day for a limited time – only $200/oz

    $50 referral credit
    Refer a new patient and receive $50 credit for Keeper of the Green products!

    We’ll be adding new specials from time to time so keep an eye on our Online Menu and Keeper’s Notes.

  • Announcing Keeper of the Green Referral Program

    Do you have a friend or family member who wants to get their medical card, or is a current patient at another provider? Introduce them to Keeper of the Green! We make it easy to get an MMJ card or transfer from another provider, and we provide the highest quality artisanal craft MMJ products to our patients. 

    With our new referral program, you’ll receive a $50 product credit for every new patient or transfer that signs up with Keeper of the Green! 

    Refer your friends and family to our Get Started form or have them give us a call – we are happy to help, and you’ll earn credit for your next purchase.

    Keeper of the Green Referral Program
  • Coming Soon: CBD Hash Plant

    This upcoming strain is a medical marvel: CBD Hash Plant. This indica-dominant bud sparkles with trichomes and offers a 1:1 THCa to CBDa ratio, effectively reducing pain and inflammation.

    This strain will be available in flower, edibles, and tincture. CBD Hash Plant is powerful medicine for treatment of arthritis, cancer, Fibromyalgia, inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasm, nausea, pain, parkinsons, spasticity, spinal cord injury, and Tourette’s Syndrome.

    We expect this strain to be in the 4% – 8% THCa and CBDa range. In our trials, CBD Hash Plant has been very relaxing, with a pain-reducing body high and light, happy, and sleepy head buzz.

    We look forward to bringing you CBD Hash Plant – keep an eye on our menu in the coming weeks.

  • A New Blueberry Strain

    The search is still on for a solid Blueberry pheno from DJ Short. We are hoping for a strong indica to add to our menu that provides an effect that will put you down to rest and relax. Number 6 of 10 is showing some promise. This one’s in the cure room awaiting testing and we hope to have it for sale in early June 2019. She’s pretty and finished with outstanding color tones. She packs a powerful aroma that reminds me of SweeTarts and personally I’m counting the days to taste this beauty. This one is coated with trichomes that add a glossy look to those blue, purple and red color tones. The Keeper is predicting something in the low to mid 20’s on THCa levels.  Watch for it and grab some quick if your into an indica effect – this one will not last long.

    – Keeper of the Green

  • Welcome to Keeper’s Notes!

    Greetings to all of our patients, old and new! As you know, Keeper of the Green has been growing in more ways than one – we’ve got a lot of exciting  news and updates happening.

    In order to keep everyone in the loop, we’ve created this page, Keeper’s Notes, where we will post about upcoming strains, new products, events, and anything else we think our patients might want to know. We’ll also let you know via our Facebook and Instagram when we add new posts to the Keeper’s notes, so you can follow us there as well. Thanks to everyone who has joined us and continues to spread the word about Keeper of the Green.